Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poor Poor Niki and Daddy

This picture was just too cute not to post. This past weekend Niki and Daddy have been a little under the weather so we have been just hanging around the house doing the typical get better things. Slurping chicken soup and eating ice cream with Sprinkles. NOTE- Mommy is not sick however as the caretaker I have to take part in all activities. :) Anyhow, here is the cutest picture of Niki not feeling good. He makes sick look so darn adorable.


kristyo15 said...

Awww - poor babies! Trey is still not 100%, so I feel ya! Talk to you soon.

Merback Family said...

What a cute little boy! It is so good to hear from you! Do you live in Germany? FUN! I would love to hear an update on your life! YOu have such a cute little family! Hope your new little one arrives safely!