Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More pics...

Hey y'all- (ew, I sounded like Paula Dean there!) it is I, Niki again. As promised, here is another picture we took yesterday. This is me, Mom and Dad in Füssen, in front of a huge tree, which will be decorated soon with all sorts of x-mas ornaments. Grandma, please note the hat, gloves, jacket AND thick blanket my lovely and caring parents wrapped me up in, to protect me from the cold. Boy, the way they are taking care of me!!!

Now, to the right, that is me, after our lunch, attempting to yodel while stomping through the snow. We had stopped at a little village. The village has approximately four houses, but they still felt that it was necessary to build a brewery for those few folks.....well, I guess that's Bavaria for you, and probably explains why daddy enjoys a good beer once in a while! Anyway, I think I make for a pretty good mountain climber, hopefully some time soon I can come back in summer and wear Lederhosen, as I hear they are very stylish.

Day 3.....

Well, since Mommy is in bed resting her tired legs from all the mountain climbing she had to endure over the last few days, it will be up to me, Niki, to give y'all a brief update of what adventures we had in the last two days. The picture to the left is me (duh) this morning, wondering what excitements this day will bring. Well, actually this was me looking all cute and proper, trying to coax Oma and Opa into giving me some chocolate before breakfast. (hehe, it worked). Yesterday, I went on a drive with Opa and my two servants (aka Mom and Dad) into the mountains, and we got to see the castle from far. Unfortunately, it was cold (even Grandpa would have stopped wearing sandals!!) and foggy , and somebody got a little cranky, so we decided againts the climb up to the castle and just walked around the town square of Füssen and looked at some early x-mas lights and decorations. On the way back, we stopped at some beautiful and cozy country restaurant, where I got to eat some delicious sausages, while Opa and Daddy enjoyed some tasty and refreshing adult beverages (sorry, Grandpa, wasn't no Bud...). I will have to post some more pics in seperate blogs, since I am still too young to figure out how to work this darn thing....
Miss my Texas family!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

After a so so (snow snow :)) night of sleeping due to jet lag, we ventured out to see where Sascha grew up today. We saw his Elementary School, his old Soccer field, the house he grew up in and even the hospital he was born in. Yes it is still around. LOL :) Everything is so beautiful. The ground is covered with snow and Niki of course loved it! As soon as we walked outside his eyes just lit up. We stopped for a little bit and let him run around for the first time, you can see for yourself from the picture below how he liked it. Of course he wasnt the happiest when we put him back in the car to go. However as soon as we got into the car with pretzel in hand he fell asleep for a few hours. After our nap, yes I said OUR nap, we walked to the city center to look around and get some more fresh cold air. Next week is the beginning of the Christmas Market so all the Christmas trees and decorations are coming out. Covered with Snow it looks like a postcard. Tomorrow we are going up to Füssen, home of the famed 'Neuschwanstein' (:Noy-shvan-shtayn- c'mon, ain't THAT hard to pronounce!!) castle, which was the inspiration for Disney's castle in their themeparks - and the brainchild of another crazy German, King Ludwig II. This concludes our educational part of this blog, courtesy of Prof. Dr. FOS (full of sh$&) Sascha.

Stay tuned for more mindblowing details, and "Servus" (Bye-bye, as us mountain folks like to say)


Niki, the Bean, Ryan, Sascha

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guten Tag Y'all

After 15 hours of travleing including one 10 hour flight we made it safe and sound to Germany this morning and all in one piece! As soon as we made it to Oma and Opas the three (plus the bean) of us went straight to sleep for a few hours to try and catch up with time. Not much activity today as we are all still pretty tired however tomorrow will be a different story. It is beautiful outside with snow on the ground, so we have alot of outside playing to do. Stay tuned for pictures and updates.

Sascha, Ryan, Niki and bean

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dennis Family New Addition

We have a new addition on the Dennis side of the family this morning. Our new nephew Sean Christian Dennis arrived around 7:45am weighing in at 6lbs 11oz. The word is he looks a little like his Big Brother Wyatt but with dark hair. Stay tuned for pictures.......
Congratulations Bubba and Christy on the new little one. We cant wait to meet him.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thou have been threatend so thou shall blog! Immediately!

Someone who shall remain nameless (KRISTY) has made it clear that one of my duties as a stay at home mom is to blog blog blog. Not only did she set the blog up for me once but now twice, (at work mind you) so I'm thinking I should start. Even my wonderful hubby is looking forward to blogging. He called immediately and asked for the password. Kristy has him convinced it is free therapy for work problems. LOL. So let the blogging begin I say.

Well this Saturday we start our Germany vacation for 12 days. Sascha is so excited to show us where he used to run around,pick flowers and yodel on mountain tops when he was a kid. (sorry hon, had to make the joke) All kidding aside, I am excited to see everything and meet the rest of his family. Of course everyone is excited to meet the wonderful little Nikola and rub my belly holding the newest Ahrens addition, which I think is a girl BTW. :) It should really be great fun! So stay tuned. Hopefully I can post some pictures along the way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keep us Posted Ryan!

Okay, this is Kristy...I am 'forcing' Ryan to make a central location where we can keep track of their trip to Germany and their every day lives! Enjoy!